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Worked All Highways Contest Rules

Download log sheets from here
Worked all Hiways Activator Log Sheet
Worked all Hiways Chaser Log Sheet

Online LogLog Sheet
Purpose: To promote activity on the WB6ASU repeater
Start Date: 06/01/2016
Start Time: 6 AM local time
Ends: Log sheets must be received by WB6BET, via mail, email or in person on or before December 1st. There will be two awards; one for an activator and one for
  a chaser (see the heading below; Operating Class). The same person can be both an activator and a chaser
Mode: FM
Frequency:WB6ASU Repeater System only. No simplex operation
Exchange:Call sign and State or Federal Highway number (i.e. highway 99 or I-5, etc)
Contacts: Work as many different highways as possible, giving the exchange as noted above. The station worked does not have to be Lodi ARC member
Power Multiplier: None
Antenna: No limit
Antenna Height: No limit
Internet Operation:  Not Allowed (i.e. Echolink, IRLP or Allstar internet connected node radios)
 Local control of co-located remotes allowed
Scoring: Must fill out the master highway list. Highest highway count wins, not number of times you have worked the highway.
Operating Class There are two operating classes; Activator and Chaser. An activator is someone operating mobile on a listed highway.
A chaser is someone operating at a fixed location or mobile. There are two log sheets one; for Activations and one for Chasers.

A mobile operator may work another mobile; thus you can be an activator and a chaser at the same time. The contact ONLY counts for this dual entry if both of
you are on a state or federal highway. If the other mobile is not on a listed highway, then you will be the activator and he will be a chaser. Being on the
same highway at the same time is OK.
Awards: To be eligible for one of the awards, you must be a PAID UP member of the Lodi Amateur Radio Club. If you are a new member, only contacts made during
your “paid up” period will count. Awards will be announced and given out at the Lodi Amateur Radio Club Christmas dinner. Non-Lodi Amateur Radio Club
members may participate, but only a LARC member can win prizes.

The award for an activator will be a Kenwood TM-281A
The award for a chaser will be Baofeng UV-5R

In the event of a tie(s), all tied entries, in a giving operating class, will be put in a hat for a blind drawing. The one picked out will be the winner

Notes:Contacts during ANY net DO NOT count (No net interference)

The use of the telephone (texting or voice) or email to coordinate a contact is prohibited.

See the website to download the official Excel highway list or email Jim at; WB6BET@ARRL.NET
When operating mobile, designate so when signing your call (i.e. WB6BET, mobile, activating highway 99)

If operating mobile, you must have a logger while you are in motion. You may operate mobile single handed, but must pull over to log with paper or computer
You can also log, while in motion, using a voice recorder and do the paper or computer log after you are at rest. Only the call sign and date are needed
If you are a chaser, enter the mobile call sign as; call sign/M

WB6BET reserves the right to delete any highway listed on the official highway sheet, if is determined that contact with the WB6ASU repeater is not possible
from the listed highway (like maybe state highway #1). If a person makes a contact on a highway not listed, it may be added to the list or counted as a wild
card at the discretion of WB6BET

Participation in this contest is at your own risk. Neither the Lodi Amateur Radio Contest Club, Lodi Amateur Radio Club or Fred Coe, WB6ASU accepts no
liability of any incident that may occur while participating. It is the full and sole responsibly of the participant to drive safely and obey all traffic laws

Please remember that the purpose of this contest is to have fun, talk to your HAM friends, and create activity on the WB6ASU repeater..